Unbound Souls is a Genshin Impact fanzine dedicated to the romantic relationship between Xiao and Albedo.

Status: Creation Period!

"What is a zine?"
A zine, short for “fanzine/fan magazine”, is a fanmade collection of different mediums (like artwork, merch and writing) centered around a fandom, a character, a theme, etc.
"Is the zine Xiaobedo or Albexiao focused?"
Both variations of the ship will be equally featured in the zine.
"Is this zine for-profit or for-charity?"
This zine will be for-profit.
"Will the zine be physical or digital?"
This zine will be available both digitally and physically, with digital and physical merch as well.
"How many contributors will be accepted?"
We will be accepting around 20 page artists, 6 writers, and 4-5 merch artists. We may also accept around 2 poets if we receive any applications for the position.
"Can I apply for more than one contributor position?"
Yes! However, you will only be accepted for one position on the zine.
"Are there any requirements for applying as a contributor?"
Application requirements can be found under the requirements tab or here. Contributor expectations are also found in the linked document.
"How will the zine communicate? Are there requirements?"
All communication between contributors and the mod team will be through a Discord server. Therefore, contributors are required to have a Discord account. Contributor acceptances will be sent out via email.
"How will contributors be compensated?"
We hope to compensate our team with physical copies of the zine with free shipping. Should funds allow for it, we may be able to compensate contributors with a full bundle. If funds do not allow for it, contributors will be able to purchase merch at production cost.
After production and contributor compensation is accounted for, the remaining profits will be split evenly among contributors.
"Will you be shipping internationally?"
Yes! We will be able to ship anywhere that the USPS can ship to. A full list of where we will NOT be able to ship to can be found here.
"What timezone is this zine operating in?"
We are currently using Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) UTC-7.
If your question is not answered here, feel free to ask us on our Curious Cat here :)

Interest Check06/27 - 07/25
Contributor Apps08/05 - 09/24
Contributor Results10/02 - 10/08
Concept Check10/09 - 10/15
Concept Approval10/21
First Check-In11/04
Second Check-In12/02
Third Check-In01/13
Final Deadline01/30

*This schedule is tentative and may be subject to change

  • Mod Vie | 19 | they/she/he

  • Head, Art, Graphics

  • hej hej! the name's vie, your average artist who's actually always procrastinating and has an affinity for rarepairs from any fandom i'm in.

  • Experience: Art/Graphics for Jack of All Trades and Back to Back, Contributor Mod for Aeris

  • Mod Sherry | 19 | she/her

  • General (Org/Comm)

  • Hi! I’m Sherry, a digital artist with crippling art block :’) I joined the zine scene late last year and I love creating content for the Genshin community <3

  • Experience: Intern Mod for Snowfall, Page Artist for various zines (Apricity, Icy Milkshake, etc etc)

  • Mod Lyssa | 23 | she/they

  • Writing/Beta, Social Media

  • Hi! I'm Lyssa and Xiao and Albedo are my favorite characters so naturally I fell in love with their dynamic immediately. Super excited to be part of this project!

  • Experience: Head/Organization, Writing and Social Media Mod for Aliferous, Writing/Beta for Reign and Project:Teyvat


General Guidelines

  • Applicants must be 16+ to apply.

  • Applicants must be 18+ by the end of the creation period (January 30) to receive profits (minors will still be compensated in a bundle, but will not receive monetary profits) from zine sales.

  • At least one Genshin Impact piece must be included in the provided samples.

  • Xiaobedo/Albexiao content is recommended, but not required.

  • Other ships presented in the application will not affect acceptance chances.

  • If your portfolio includes NSFW/violence/gore, please tag it appropriately in the section provided in the application form and put them in a separate folder/section.

  • Pitches will not be required, but they will give the mod team a better idea of what content you intend to contribute.

Page Artists

  • Page Artists must submit 3 SFW sample pieces in the style you will use in the zine.

  • At least one of the samples must include Xiao and/or Albedo.

  • Page Artists must submit a portfolio with at least 5 completed pieces. (The samples provided can be included in the portfolio)

  • COMIC ARTISTS – at least one sample piece must be an example of previous comic work (other samples may be illustrations, but comics are preferred).

  • SPOT ARTISTS – a section in the application will allow for additional sample/portfolio submission. At least one piece in your portfolio must be an example of previous spot/sketch art OR be in the style you will use in spot illustrations.

  • Ready to apply? Apply as a Page Artist here!

Merch Artists

  • Both art and photos of physical merch are acceptable.

  • Merch Artists must submit 3 SFW sample pieces for the merch type they intend on contributing to the zine and/or the style they intend to use for merch.

  • At least one of the samples must include Xiao and/or Albedo.

  • Merch Artists must submit a portfolio with at least 5 completed pieces. A shop link is acceptable. (The samples provided can be included in the portfolio)

  • Merch Artists must indicate their top choices for merch types in the application.

  • Ready to apply? Apply as a Merch Artist here!


  • Writers must submit 3 SFW sample pieces between 1,000 - 2,500 words.

  • Poets must submit at least 1 sample poem written in a similar style to what they intend to contribute to the zine (which may be outside of the word count requirement).

  • A portfolio is optional. An AO3 link is acceptable. Examples read from the portfolio will be chosen at random.

  • Ready to apply? Apply as a Writer here!